My favourite Notion keyboard shortcut

Being a power user means knowing how to get the job done and get it done fast — and there’s no better way than utilising keyboard shortcuts.

Notion has a wide range of supported keyboard shortcuts for anything from text formatting, creating pages and adding Markdown, but the true power of Notion is unleashed with the one shortcut to rule them all.

The Slash Command

Pressing / in Notion brings up the block picker menu.

This is the quickest way to add any of the multitude of available blocks in Notion. Just start typing the name of the block to filter the list and hit ENTER.

  • Need an image? Just type /image and hit Enter
  • Drop in a divider by typing /div
  • Pick one of the 39 (at time of writing) embed options with /embed

But the slash command doesn’t stop there…

ctrl/cmd Slash

Use the ctrl (Windows) or cmd (Mac) modifier to do even more.

Once you have some text on the page, you can place your cursor on a block or line of text and hit ctrl+/ to bring up an actions menu. From here you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly transform the current block into any other type.

Similar to the regular slash command, typing the first few letters of the action you want to perform quickly filters the list. I use this all the time.

  • Press ctrl+/ then type h2 to transform the current line of text into a level 2 heading.
  • Select a few lines of text, hit bring up the actions menu and type bul to turn the lines into a bulleted list.

Once you get into the habit of transforming your text this way, it seriously speeds up your workflow.

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